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Why Choose a Berg Trampoline?

Berg Trampolines are Robust and are Built to Last

The BERG Favorit provides years of fun, hardly wears and requires little maintenance.

Why Choose a Berg Quality Trampoline?

- These quality trampolines are made of excellent materials which provide better durability.
- This is important as your trampoline will be in your garden, exposed to the elements year-round.
- The clever design and solid construction of the frame provides strength and durability.
- In addition to this, the Berg safety net has a self-closing entrance so that no child will fall out.

When you choose BERG, you choose Quality, Safety and Fun!


#1: The Round Shape

The frame of a round trampoline is very strong. On a round trampoline you always jump towards the centre. The best jumps are made in the centre of a round trampoline. This is because the tension on the springs and the frame is equally divided when jumping.

Berg Round Trampoline


#2: PVC Protective Edge

The high-quality springs are covered with a skirting to keep any toes completely safe at all times. Large protective overlap over the springs is a water-repellent ‘‘closed cell foam’’ with a weatherproof top layer of enforced PVC.

Berg Trampoline Jump Mat


#3: The Jump Mat

Durable jumping mat made of tough woven polypropylene.
The open mesh structure ensures that the jumping mat does not become hot, and neither will it burn the feet.
The loops for the strong metal spring eyes are thoroughly joined to the jump mat with no less than 8 rows of stitching


Berg Trampoline Protective Edge


#4: Goldspring Solo

All sizes of the Favorit line are equipped with these springs. They are galvanized with a solid corrosion resistant zinc coating.

Berg Trampoline Springs


#5: The Frame

The frame of the Favorit consists of thick, large diameter tubes. As a result, the Favorit trampoline has a long service life. The frame is rustproof due to its durable layer of zinc. The frame is easy to assemble.


Berg Trampoline Frame


#6: Safety Net Comfort

Enjoy safe trampolining thanks to the high Safety Net Comfort. The sturdy pole covers protect the Safety Net poles against the weather. Foam padding around the Safety Net poles provides extra protection. Extra safe due to the self-closing entrance with recognisable trim. This Safety Net can also be used on the InGround trampolines. Having the net attached to the outer edge of the padding creates a larger jumping surface.


Berg Trampoline Safety Net


Now it's time for you to choose your BERG Favorit Trampoline

Shop our BERG Trampoline Range

Standard V's Inground Trampolines....

Berg Favorit Trampoline Berg Ingound Trampoline

Standard BERG Favorit Trampolines:

Standard trampolines are above ground trampolines which require a safety net and step ladder. These safety ladders are removable to make sure no little ones wonder onto the trampoline.


Inground Trampolines:

The Inground trampoline sits on the ground, at ground level, and there is a small four to six inch step up onto the trampoline. They look great in any garden because the trampoline is so low or even level with the ground, it is less noticeable. This makes stepping onto the trampoline a lot easier. The hole gives the jumping surface the space to stretch and create an airflow which launches the jumper with every jump.

It will be required to dig a hole beneath the jump mat to allow clearance when jumping. A safety net can be used with the Inground which helps keep users safely on the trampoline.

CLICK to view - How to Dig in an InGround Trampoline

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